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Drew Eppley was born in 1985 and has had a unique passion for helping others ever since he was in grade school. His great imagination and out-of-the-box thinking really defines why the “Drew Networks” are so vast and growing larger every day. Drew’s talents and skills are truly unique as he is an autodidact (self-taught) individual who builds his portfolio on real life experience and his passion to learn new skills and talents is why he has such a passion for the work he does.

Eppley makes it a priority to always keep up with the latest technologies and has invested thousands of hours of his time towards maintaining and managing websites (as well as doing photography and videography) for non-profit organizations, friends and fellow disk jockeys. He now has a total of 14 years working in commercial media, professional management experience in various fields of work and real-life experience training in in the marketing, advertising, sales and customer service fields.

Eppley Holding his CAHL website 2011Drew registered to do business under his own name as early as 2004. NRCW LLC was officially formed on January 1, 2008 in Pennsylvania but his ideas have been in place ever since 2000. In 2011 Drew registered his second company, The MAPP LLC under a DBA of NRCW LLC and this company focuses more on marketing, advertising and promotions for the greater Cincinnati and Dayton, OH regions.

He takes pride in not only providing commercial services and consultation to his clients but he enjoys donating his time to the community and non-profit organizations when he can.

The entire portfolio covers a wide variety of services from custom audio production (remixes for DJs, dance teams / performances, voice-over talent tracks), commercial websites partnering with the vast opportunities open-source licencing permits, he works every day in developing new content management system (CMS) features and custom scripting for the needs of his clients.

The latest statistics show over 7,000,000 visitors have visited NRCW LLC websites since we started tracking statistics!



 Who are we rooting for? NRCW.BIZ!

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Commercial consultation advice is not provided through social networking, however, Drew often posts great ideas and insight on these networks! Small businesses and sole proprietorships make seek limited advice through these networks if Drew is willing to donate his time to help your business grow.


My Personal History & Life Story

This is a work in progress. The story is not complete / fully accurate.


I personally don’t subscribe to mass media. I tend to always think about and do things differently. I don’t see myself or my companies as risk taking but rather I feel that I am a strategic risk-avoider who researches all of the facts. I spend extraneous amounts of time studying all aspects of marketing, advertising and promotions.

I often feel out of place. No matter what group I’m in, I feel that I’m still outside the group and often analyzing that group. He excels in sports and the entertainment industry as a disk jockey. I believe the harder I work, the luckier I get. I have an obsession with marketing and web design.

Even when it feels the entire world is against me, I will still pursue my values & beliefs. Yes, this does have a social effect of being stubborn at times but I see this as a potential advantage in business.

I love to find my own ideas.


The Professional Disk Jockey

DSC00258I am a risk-taker. I struggled in school. I was articulate and considered smart. My worst subject was English. I graduated high school in 2004 and enrolled in Shippensburg University. At the age of 18, I found himself intrigued by science and physics. After being kicked out of WSYC FM I took my own path. I started developing websites with open source software and continued my research. As my grades kept getting lower, I was about to give up. I dropped out and moved out of my parents home on a rebellious intent to live with friends.




The 9-5 Worker

DSC00493 800I was eventually down to nothing, bottomed out without resources and I was unwilling to talk to my family. At the age of 23 I followed my current career path, which at the time was in transportation to take on a management position in Cincinnati. I hated this business with all of my heart. They would work me to death and not pay for all of my time investments. After stress got the best of myself, I finally quit.




The School Bus Driver

Drew's School BusAfter reaching a breaking point with everything from fast food management to transportation management, I was seeking a more suitable job that would allow me more freedom and something I would actually enjoy. Picking up a janatorial position at a local school district, I eventually got in to the transportation department, obtained my CDL and school bus endorsements and have been happily employed with this district since 2010. Needless to say, although this position works out great with running my own companies, my coworkers will definately make a scene if I walk in to work in my suit & tie some days. haha

I couldn’t be happier working with kids, doing a job I love (driving) and making a positive inpression on the kids too. It’s fun to talk about sports and so far, all the kids love me. I never have any behaviorial problems and love my managers and everyone here even though we’re such a large district.


The Philosopher & Spiritual Enthusiest 

I am a philosopher, self-taught expert in quantum physics thoery and a very spiritual person. I have started my own pages as a publisher of spiritual content in my free time and it’s currently called The Cove or Cove Density. You can connect with my publishings on facebook here and twitter here (they will open in new windows).

The Connection to Quantum Physics

I find a huge connection between spiritual teachers and new quantum physics discoveries. When I write about things on a spiritual level, they are very often connected to modern sciences! I started www.intelligentnews.org back in 2012 as an outlet for my deeper research, beliefs and place to vent my concerns regarding this reality. It was and still is a source for negative attention from certain groups that I might be helping to expose.


The Semi-Professional Indoor Lacrosse Goaltender (& Player)

I started playing outdoor box lacrosse in 2014 for Loveland Lacrosse. Coming from an ice hockey goaltender perspective, I was surprised at how easy of a transition it was to play box lacrosse, which is also known as Boxla. I have to still admit, the Boxla goaltenders are the funniest looking thing I’ve ever seen.

 boxla eppley 3753 web

The sport is also most recognized as indoor lacrosse typically. The outdoor box lacrosse is truly miserable to be in all of that gear in 95 degree temps and high humidity. Anyways, this experience led me to the opportunity to fill a well-needed position for a semi-professional indoor lacrosse team and I am officially now on board with the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League as a backup goaltender for the Lansing Hot Rods (another web project of mine).

I am not used to traveling so much but playing in front of a hundred fans is quite the experience I have to say. Maybe I still have it in me to go pro in the next few years?



NRCW is only a home-based business & I could not be more proud!



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