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Our company, Club MYX®, is growing rapidly and is looking to expand our talent. Opportunities include both weekday and weekend events All Year Round.

We are looking for skilled, energetic and outgoing MC's (Event Host) who also DJ who have worked in the private events industry for a few years.

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Job Vacancy: NRCWStorm - Navigation and Forecasting, (Internship) brand nrcwtv

Help the NRCW Storm Teams navigate from the comfort of your own home! Serious people wanting the storm chase experience can volunteer to read maps and tell the crew where to navigate. Your voice will be broadcast on air. Great for a high-school student to the vetran forecaster!


storm suv line

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Job Vacancy: Storm Chase Production Manager, (Temporary) No experience necessary volunteer project with huge recognition and potential. Help in just monitoring the live chat while NRCW Storm Chasers is on the road. Remotely monitor radar, storm velocity, predict storm cell timing based of chase vehicle location and most importantly monitor and be able to read directional winds for potential hook echoes. You don't have to live in Cincinnati.

If it goes commercial and you do a great job, you'll be offered into this show as a partner. You will basically be the lead in the show programming and communications. It's still a volunteer project right now.

Visit for more information.

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Job Vacancy: Intern Sportscaster (Ice Hockey), Cincinnati, OH (Internship) All possible positions involved in broadcasting live ice hockey games are available to students as a learning enviornment to build experience in a real-life environment with real equipment and real viewers in a non-professional hockey league. If your dream is to work in sports broadcasting, camera operations, production or more, this is a great opportunity for you and will likely be the most flexible atmosphere available to you in your career lifetime. If you want to commentate play-by-play action, design video graphics for scoreboard overlays, operate camera or gain experience in this field, you've come to the right place!

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Job Vacancy: Volunteer Freelance Journalist, Work from anywhere (Other) In theory, anyone can call themselves a freelance journalist because there are no rules or qualifications for entry. Generally though, talent will prevail and those with the appropriate experience and skills are most likely to succeed. If you have already put in some seriously hard graft for your career and are ready to start out on your own, we've set out a few tips...

Firstly, the best people to give you advice are those that have been freelance for a few years. Drew is willing to work with you to create interesting articles and stories. Consider this a valuable time investment and excercising your freedom of speech. This is a new way to blog, a community organization with a background reveiw of participants to publish articles on NRCW TV and NRCW News sites. We provide you the resources, license stock photos if needed and more.

You may write for the following divisions / subsidiaries:

  • NRCW News (Various Topics)
  • The MAPP (Marketing Professionals)
  • Club MYX (Music & Entertainment Industry)
  • NRCW Web (Web Development & Technologies)
  • NRCW TV (Video Technologies, Tips & Tricks)


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Job Vacancy: DJ Assistant, MC & Equipment Handler, Evendale, OH (Temporary) Temp-to-Hire Position
DJ assistant/helper and crowd entertainer wanted for DJ Northland™ Club MYX™ shows & broadcast at a local ice rink. Full training will be provided and there will be an opportunity to DJ and MC once the candidate has completed training.

This job is mainly on the weekends. Shows currently run every Friday & Saturday from 8pm - 10pm. The hours involved are normally 7:30 till 10:30pm.
This is part time work, would suit someone who has passion for music and would like to enhance his knowledge in the music industry. Excellent position for someone who wants to do this as a hobby starting his career in the DJ or crowd-entertainment business.
You will be paid $7.85 to $9.00 per hour to start depending on your experience and skills. If you have a passion for a wide variety of music, interacting with kids, teenager and adults of all ages, entertaining crowds, have a sense of humor and don't mind the cold; then this is an ideal opportunity for you in the music business. Energetic & Friendly is a must!
If you think this is you, then please apply here along with a cover letter highlighting any previous experience you may have and include your contact details.
This is a web-broadcast live performance broadcasting from our local ice rink in Evendale, OH. We play all styles of music based on requests. This is generally a very laid back and easy opportunity with the biggest concerns being that no one walks on the cables with ice skates and we make sure the patrons are having a great time. 
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Job Vacancy: Ad & Service Sales, (Contract)  


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