The Simplified Answer to What Do We Do?

What Do You Do

Many potential clients may shy away because of the broad range of skills and talents offered on a very diversified portfolio. Often the perception might be "this company is desperate" or "this company doesn't feel focused enough to achieve the results I am seeking". However, I, Drew Eppley, can absolutley guarantee I could have never achieved the results I have achieved if I didn't learn such a broad range of skills, uphold too many true and honest official titles. The best summary is marketing consultant who does the work I suppose?

I invest a lot of time daily to continue to educate myself with not only enhancing existing technologies but improving the latest in digital marketing solutions. A passion and dedication combine so I am able to easily make decisions which are optimal for a variety of industries.

I am always learning and sincerely implementing these ideas, often times voluntarily over a broad range of industries and theologies that play a role in business today. You can't get that from most people, a new hire out of college who's skills set is unlike to be motivated to always keep learning. My theory is passion motivates talent.

If the gigantic portfolio or 400% success rate on select clients scares you away and it's not for reasons I mentioned here, drop me a message and let me know why. It would mean a lot! Part of my passion is diving deep into everything, maybe it's a "gift" of ADHD but recent articles by Entrepreneur surrounding the topic of a very detailed portfolio or specifically focusing on individuals LinkedIn profiles sparked me to write this article. If a potential client has the time and will to read this in its entirety, they will likely be the next huge success story working with me, especially my NRCW LCWS Commercial Websites model. Clients must have a will to work, participate by putting themselves out there fearlessly (be it video, personal Twitter accounts for staff etc) and [the hardest part] have the guts to take that step to make a change.

It's hard, I know. Because most company owners may not fully comprehend the value in their web, media and marketing in this fast-changing mobile digital age, those who step up to the plate first will become the industry leaders but it's very hard, especially for businesses that have maintained the same methods, routines and business practices for many years...

You'll go outside of your comfort zone to get to success but hopefully this is that resource, that coach you might be seeking to either help get you into the latest technology and customer communications, including handling everything on your own website (no outsourcing to some email newsletter service or 3rd party) and chaging the roles of your employees to occomodate and maximize resources while still maintaining a strong level of professionalism and security. That means training too most of the time or adding the role of a content writer to one of your office employees.

I'll help you get where you need to be if you're ready to take that step but if you're seeking a solution for some company to take care of stuff FOR you, you've come to the wrong place. NRCW LLC is designed for long-term success and just building a website alone, even with promises of great SEO, that is not a true solution...

Drew Eppley
Owner, CEO and Sole Proprietor
NRCW Companies