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March 2018 Update

Drew (myself) has been hard at work with driving a school bus and may not have been able to answer all your calls. I hope I will be able to establish a regular office hours schedule again starting in April 2018. Thank you for your patience!

Contribute to NRCW Companies

You don't send money. You can order wanted supplies and equipment right on Amazon® and it will become a part of our portfolio. You know exactly what your money is going towards. You can do it annonymously or not but Drew eill give you an equal value in The MAPP Advertising with preapproval.

Club MYX:

How Better Business Bureau Accreditation Hurts Small Business

BBB SealAfter partnering with the BBB for over two years, it is and was of no benefit to Drew, sole proprietor of Net Radio Communications Worldwide LLC and The Marketing Advertising & Promotion Professionals because they bill over $100 a month which is a lot of money for someone working full time and doing everything possible to succeed. The list money that could have been invested actually brought the company down by a fair amount. 

The Simplified Answer to What Do We Do?

What Do You Do

Many potential clients may shy away because of the broad range of skills and talents offered on a very diversified portfolio. Often the perception might be "this company is desperate" or "this company doesn't feel focused enough to achieve the results I am seeking". However, I, Drew Eppley, can absolutley guarantee I could have never achieved the results I have achieved if I didn't learn such a broad range of skills, uphold too many true and honest official titles. The best summary is marketing consultant who does the work I suppose?


2013 Growth Percentage By Division

First Half 2013 NRCW Companies Growth By Division


What Do We Do?

People often ask; What exactly do you do? It's hard to answer that specifically. Here is an updated flowchart for NRCW Companies (greatly simplified):


NRCW Car Gets Hit in Pleasant Ridge

There's never a dull moment. Today it wasn't a server crashing or the owner in the hospital for four days. Today, one of the owner's neighbors side swiped him near downtown Pleasant Ridge. We can't release any additional information at this time. We do have video and more photos. The important part is noone was injured but Drew is still shaken up quite a bit even 12 hours after the accident.


Tax Deductions on Donated Services to Nonprofit Organizations

Taxes and NPO Service DonationsDrew donates a lot of his time, effort and money to nonprofit organzations in both Cincinnati,OH and Mechanicsburg, PA and he does everything he can to obide by federal and state tax laws. We found out that some companies ask for recipts for services donated from NPOs. You might be surprised to know that any intangable products, including services cannot be tax-deducted.


China Attempts to Hack NRCW Servers

ChinaHackers have been at it in full force since yesterday afternoon. As a one man operation this is really a headache. I implemented security measures on Monday concerning the large amount of traffic and malicious XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks that are showing up on our security software. Most of these IP addresses are coming from China. One IP address is a compromised GoogleBot IP address believe it or not. Needless to say I have locked down the network basically from all of Asia because of my clientbase. Fortunately for my customers and visitors, there is no vital personal data kept on these servers even if they still do break through. I'll update you as I learn more.




NRCW LLC / The MAPP Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

BBB SealNet Radio Communications Worldwide LLC DBA The Marketing Advertising & Promotion Professionals located in Cincinnati, OH, announced today that it has met standards required by Better Business Bureau for accreditation with the organization. NRCW really wants potential customers to feel comfortable when choosing them. The BBB seal will help customers understand who they are and the core values they believe in.


Students In Graphic Design

marketing squaretxtAny graphic design students that are interested in getting recognition for their work are welcome to partner with Drew Eppley and the NRCW family of companies. If you're exceptionally good at what you do, you will get paid! We are willing to publish business related graphic design and photography on our clients websites.


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Intent & Focus

We don't focus on add-on packages or upgraded service. Rather we focus on the end goal of making things better for people who need it.

This comes from Drew's passion to help non profit organizations and those in need.

Time is money. Experience and knowledge lets us complete our goals and tasks in less time. The thing in common is you pay for Drew's time and expertise. We just have to show you how much you actually get out of an hour. This defines a true professional.

See what we can do, if you love what you see, give us a call!




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Note: For personal & security reasons, blocked phone numbers will not connect. We will respect your privacy. Since before NRCW was founded, the CEO's identity was compromised; legally we cannot disclose additional information (it has nothing to do with the business. When personal identity is being targeted by our competetion we must take appropriate action as our time & quality is extremely valuable to us and our clients, For more information see section 5 at Sorry for any incovienience.


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